Pre & Postpartum

DSCF0442Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting can be some of the most emotionally, physically, and challenging times in a woman’s life. Although it is also a special time, sometimes it is hard to see that at the moment. It can be very hard to share your thoughts and feelings with family, friends, or even your partner. Questioning whether or not your thoughts and feelings are normal can be scary. I believe that mothers need more support than they are given and I provide a space to work through this difficult time.

Pre and postpartum care of mom and baby can be discussed in my office or in your home. Most times in-home sessions are more comfortable and easier for mom and baby. If mom wants some alone time, in-office sessions may be best. We can alternate as needed. Please call me with any questions.

Preparing for baby:

  • Discussing which midwife, doctor, doula, and/or provider to be a part of your pregnancy
  • Talking through the birth plan – home birth, hospital birth, birth center
  • Emotionally preparing for the challenges during pregnancy and in preparation for becoming a mother
  • Learning about the development of baby and mom individually and as a connected unit
  • Processing a birth that did not go as you had intended


  • What to expect postpartum. This could be right after baby or years down the road
  • Processing feelings of stress, anxiety, mood swings, crying, depression, questioning your parenting skills
  • Self: adjusting to parenthood and all the feelings that accompany this huge change, identity as a parent, physical changes, breastfeeding, bonding and attaching with baby, relationship with a partner
  • Baby: getting to know your baby, how to interact with baby
  • Thinking about ways to soothe your baby, age-appropriate sleep techniques, age-appropriate play, choosing the right childcare for your baby